Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here we go again...

Well, my brilliant plan for clothing myself for the summer didn't end up being so it's time for plan B.
30 for 30.
It wasn't hard to pick my was actually hard to find 30 summery things in my possession. But after a long time, I have found them.
Here we go again.
I will try to post pictures every day but I doubt if that is actually going to end up happening! 
Here we go!
-3 pants-type things-

-11 short sleeve (one missing from pic)-
-2 skirts-
-5 dresses-
-2 cardis, 1 bolero-
-5 pairs of shoes (2 not pictured)-

These are all the happy summery things I own...I am determined to somehow pull cute, summery outfits together out of these! Wish me luck! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Remember Me?

Hello lovelies :) Right now, I am sitting at my computer, munching on kettle chips (the only thing that sounds remotely comestible right now) and trying to ignore the gross feeling in my stomach...what better way to spend this time than blogging? 
One more week, then school is over for the year! Can I get a HALLELUJAH?
Thank you.
Once the school year is all wrapped up, I will try and blog more. Promise.
Not that anyone reads this thing anyways. 
Would you like to see some grainy pictures? I bet you would!
My delightful cousin was just here a couple weeks ago. We had a lovely time going on walks, playing Tetris, and touring Seattle. 

I may have solved my what-on-earth-do-I-wear-now-that-I'm-tiny issues for the summer! Skirts as dresses, baby. 
Okay, I was going to upload some pictures of them...but blogger is moody today, apparently :\ Just imagine a long skirt worn as a dress, made fitted and appropriate by a short-sleeve bolero and a nice belt :D

In other news, I have always wished there was a database of allergy-friendly information and recipes. Not just for gluten and dairy, folks, but corn and asparagus and eggs and blueberries and other sheerly random things. Unfortunately, there isn't much out there. So I thought, why not make it myself? It's about time I got my culminating challenge thing underway. So, this summer, keep your eye out for a new food blog that is friendly to the most random of allergies! Any name suggestions are also highly appreciated.

Friday, April 1, 2011

YIKES! It's been a while...

Hello blogger-buddies :) I haven't posted in a ridiculously long time! You'd think that since I've been on spring break from college for over a week now, I'd have found some time to blog. But nooooo! It has quite escaped me for a number of reasons. Well, here I am again, and can't think of much to say that would be of interest to anyone!
This week and the beginning of next we have painters painting all the trim in our house. It's been quite an adventure of moving all our important stuff around each day to a non-plasticed-off part of the house, tripping around in a maze of paper, plastic, and tape, having the entire house covered in white dust and swarming with random worker men. They are gone for the weekend right now, though, and it's looking mighty fine so far :)
Choir tryouts were today :) For the first time in my history of trying out in choir, I went up to the front of the class and belted that solo with all my heart. It was the most fun thing ever!
Now it is time for me to be vague...
It's funny how I really think I want something, then it finally comes...and it's positively horrid and I don't know what to do with the situation! Perhaps it's a contentment issue...I don't know. All I know, is what I thought I wanted wasn't what I really wanted after all!
Picture time! I decided to play around with some different effects:
In other words, the lighting was about as horrid as it gets, and no other effect but pencil sketch would remotely save day I will have outfit pictures for y'all, but it simply is impossible at this moment, as I have taken down my hair for the evening and it is all a-drizzle outside...and nobody can take my pictures. 
I'm afraid if I don't post this now, it will sit in my drafts folder forever just like the last post I tried to write last Thursday. Have a great weekend everybody!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Short Little Blurb

Hello :) This will just be a quick little post...
Today was spent Sabbat-ing, as my family calls it. It involved thrift shopping with my darling dear friend Becca, church, and youth group :) Now I am in a very intense poke war on facebook. These things are crazy, let me tell you!
My weekend has been spent attending functions for three different youth groups, shopping at two different thrift stores, having my pillow returned to me, jumping for joy over grades, poking, texting, and helping people name their trucks :D Oh, and I also discovered a brand of coconut ice cream that is uh-mazing! But expensive.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkwardly Awesome

It's awkward and awesome Thursday!! W00t :)

-Due to HSPE testing, this week I went from the oldest person in my French class to VERY MUCH the oldest person in French class. All the remotely-my-age students were off testing.
-Coughing constantly in a silent room during a math test...
-Getting bossed around by a freshman boy. Seriously...?
-When a creeper nearly 10 years older than me messages me on facebook, saying I showed up on his sidebar under "suggested people" and he thought I was hot...
-The kid who has been "stalking" (read: creeping on) me for almost a year has a girlfriend...which makes it even more awkward!
-Having to wear pants. If there were an "awful" section, this would go there. My mother has looked at my skirts, and we have decided it would simply be too cumbersome to make all my size 12 skirts fit my size 4 frame. Unfortunately, thrift stores have been no help whatsoever...perhaps I shall have to buy some new *shudder*
-Sending texts to the wrong person. Just kill me now.
-This strange story I have to interpret for English class...most peculiar! (Never mind, I'm not interpreting that one...but it's still weird!)

-Choir day tomorrow! If only my voice was back...
-Three full days until I can drive my friends places!!!
-When the math test is worlds easier than the chapter
-Oranges :) And apples. And coconut ice cream :) YES, I do eat, for those of you crazies who think I don't. I even eat unhealthy food sometimes o.O
-Writing an interpretive story for English. NOT. AWESOME.
-I've already learned my piano piece for choir accompaniment! woohoo! :) Now to make it actually sound good.... :P

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Intentional Frump

This morning I awoke to a great conundrum. It was my first day back at school after over a week of being sick. Was it a day to look polished and lovely? Certainly not! (I have a secret ability to look positively fabulous even when faced with the worst sorts of illnesses.) What was to be done? I simply had to dress it down a little today. Running around frantically, I finally stumbled upon something I deemed casual enough for such an occasion: jeans (bleck!), a tan (my worst color!) t-shirt covered in cartoony mushrooms, and a too-big hoodie. Perfection. 

Read the above paragraph this way: Today was my first day back at school after over a week of being sick. Bother with my personal appearance? I think not. I'm coughing my brains out and sniffling up a storm as it honestly think people will care what colors I wear?

My teacher is clearly determined to NEVER grade my essay :(

No school tomorrow for me :) That means sleep.

Monday, March 14, 2011

PI? Where?

It's been positively forever, so here is my long long list of random snippets:
1.That's right, y'all, it's annual pi day :) 3-14.
2. Today I am submitting my course/instructor evaluation for my college class...thank goodness it's anonymous! 
3. One more week until I can drive other people!
4. This ridiculous cold/flu thing has been hanging on as long as possible, sucking the life out of me! Finally it's starting to go away :)
5. Coconut milk ice cream = love.
6. I officially canNOT wait to have my singing voice back!
7. Two and a half weeks until choir tryouts. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
8. Men...urgh.
9. Goodwill is the BEST place ever!!!
Allison :)

Moriah :)

Me :)

Fishies :P

This is hot. Don't deny it.

The Cool Kids

10. Old books that nobody's ever heard of are amazing. 

11. I am in about 30 poke wars on facebook.
12. Blogging is much more interesting than PreCalculus. Isn't it horrible how that works out???
13. Olympia is in less than two months!! AH! I have so much stuff to do! Speech writing and opening remarks and closing remarks and research and clothes shopping and figuring out how on earth I'm going to eat! And I also need to work on my campaign...
14. I forget to eat...especially this week while I've been sick. 

Have a lovely Monday!